The Stz’uminus Employment and Training Department (E&T) is committed to supporting community members in acquiring new skills and securing stable, long-term employment. We work collaboratively with employers and other First Nation service providers to ensure the success of our participants in the workplace.

Our approach involves:

Conducting essential skill assessments for clients.

Providing post-employment support and counseling as needed.

Referring individuals to additional community resources.

Offering mediation services to resolve issues between clients and employers, providing feedback, and advocating for our clients.

Cultivating positive relationships with clients to encourage lasting job retention.

Providing practical support, such as transportation to work, work attire, boots, tools, etc., for up to two weeks before receiving their initial paycheck.

Collaborating with participants to identify personal and career goals.

Partnering with other service providers.

Linking participants to various training programs.

E&T’s career development program aims to help clients maintain employment for up to three months. Our skills training initiatives cover various fields, including trades, tourism, health, business administration, legal services, retail trades, hospitality/accommodation, and recreation.

The Employment and Training Department actively fosters employment partnerships as part of our commitment to assisting SFN in building a resilient, healthy, and self-reliant community.

For the latest job postings and training opportunities, join the Stz’uminus First Nation Employment & Training Facebook Group.

To get in touch with the Employment and Training Department, contact the Employment Specialist via email at (vacant) or by phone at 250-245-7155